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Our commitment

MacDue is passion, desire to dare, focus on innovation. And a conviction that there is room in the market for quality products, unique and special.

The offer MacDue is divided into three main areas, each of which represents exactly one-third of the total turnover of the company.

Vehicles 33%
Intex 33%
Toys and Games 33%

News - Eventi e Fiere

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Il DNA MacDue

Passione, voglia di osare, focus sull'innovazione. E una convinzione: che sul mercato ci sia spazio solo per prodotti di qualità, unici e speciali.


I nostri servizi

  • Italian Concept

    We strongly believe in responsible globalisation, comprised of global experience and local knowledge.

  • Product Design

    In planning new toys, one of the main objectives of MacDue is that of quality, to give life to safe products that are able to unite the playful and development aspects.